Common ConfigurationsΒΆ

Hyperledger Bevel installs the common pre-requisites when the site.yaml playbook is run. To read more about setting up DLT/Blockchain networks, refer Setting up a Blockchain/DLT network.

Following playbooks can be executed independently to setup the enviornment and can be found here

  1. enviornment-setup.yaml Playbook enviornment-setup.yaml executes the roles which has tasks to install the binaries for:
    • kubectl
    • helm
    • vault client
    • aws-authenticator
  2. kubernetes-env-setup.yaml Playbook kubernetes-env-setup.yaml executes the roles which has tasks to configure the following on each Kubernetes cluster:
    • flux
    • ambassador (if chosen)
    • haproxy-ingress (if chosen)

All the common Ansible roles can be found at platforms/shared/configuration/roles

  • setup/ambassador
  • setup/aws-auth
  • setup/aws-cli
  • setup/flux
  • setup/haproxy-ingress
  • setup/helm
  • setup/kubectl
  • setup/vault

Follow Readme for detailed information on each of these roles.