Hyperledger Besu Charts

The structure below represents the Chart structure for Hyperledger Besu components in Hyperledger Bevel implementation.

|-- charts
|   |-- node_orion


helm to be installed and configured on the cluster.

node_orion (besu node chart with orion transaction manager)


This folder consists of Hyperledger-Besu node charts which is used by the ansible playbook for the deployment of the node. This folder contains a template folder, a chart file and a value file.

Folder Structure

|-- templates
|   |-- _helpers.tpl
|   |-- configmap.yaml
|   |-- deployment.yaml
|   |-- service.yaml
|-- Chart.yaml
|-- values.yaml

Charts description


  • This folder contains template structures which, when combined with values, will generate valid Kuberetenes manifest files for Hyperledger-Besu node implementation.

  • This folder contains following template files for node implementation

    • _helpers.tpl

      This file doesn’t output a Kubernets manifest file as it begins with underscore (_). And it’s a place to put template helpers that we can re-use throughout the chart. That file is the default location for template partials, as we have defined a template to encapsulate a Kubernetes block label for node.

    • configmap.yaml

      The configmap contains the genesis file data encoded in base64 format.

    • deployment.yaml

      This file is used as a basic manifest for creating a Kubernetes deployment. For the node, this file creates a deployment. The file defines where containers are defined and the respective Hyperledger-Besu images. It also contain the initial containers where the crypto material is fetched from the vault.

    • service.yaml

      This template is used as a basic manifest for creating service endpoints for our deployment. This service.yaml creates endpoints for the besu node.