Indy RefApp

Use case description

Welcome to the Indy Ref App which allows nodes to implement the concept of digital identities using blockchain. There are 3 components

  • Alice: Alice is the end user and a student.
  • Faber: Faber is the university.
  • Indy Webserver

In this usecase, Alice obtains a Credential from Faber College regarding the transcript. A connection is build between Faber College and Alice (onboarding process).Faber College creates and sends a Credential Offer to Alice. Alice creates a Credential Request and sends it to Faber College.Faber College creates the Credential for Alice. Alice now receives the Credential and stores it in her wallet.


A network with 2 organizations:

  • Authority
    • 1 Trustee
  • University
    • 4 Steward nodes
    • 1 Endorser A Docker repository

Find more at Indy-Ref-App