Getting Started

Install and Configure Prerequisites

Follow instructions to install and configure common prerequisites first. Once you have the prerequisites installed and configured, you are ready to fork the GitHub repository and start using Hyperledger Bevel.

There are two ways in which you can start using Hyperledger Bevel for your DLT deployment.

  1. Using the bevel-build Docker container as Ansible controller.

  2. Using your own machine as Ansible controller.

Using Docker container

Follow these instructions for how to use docker container as Ansible controller.

Using Own machine

Install additional Prerequisites

Install additional prerequisites.

NOTE All the instructions are for an Ubuntu machine, but configurations can be changed for other machines. Although it is best to use the Docker container if you do not have an Ubuntu machine.

Update Configuration File

Once all the prerequisites have been configured, it is time to update Hyperledger Bevel configuration file. Depending on your platform of choice, there can be some differences in the configuration file. Please follow platform specific links below to learn more on updating the configuration file.

Deploy the Network

After the configuration file is updated and saved on the Ansible Controller, run the provisioning script to deploy the network using the following command.

# go to bevel
cd bevel
# Run the provisioning scripts
ansible-playbook  platforms/shared/configuration/site.yaml -e "@/path/to/network.yaml" 

For more detailed instructions to set up a network, read Setting up a DLT/Blockchain network. For instructions on how to verify or troubleshoot network, read How to debug a Bevel deployment