Bevel current roadmap

OFE* : Operational feature enhancement

Legend of annotations:




work to do


work completed


on-going work


stretch goal


on hold


  • run Complete restructure and redesign of documentation

  • run Spell and grammar linting

  • run Update troubleshooting guide

  • run Replace ansible roles readme with high level information

  • tick Add helm chart readme for platform charts


  • muscle Improve logging/error messaging in playbooks and log storage

  • run Adding proper log message on the helm charts

  • hand Setup AWS cloudwatch exporter

  • run Grafana and Promethus integration

  • tick Support of Ambassador Edge Stack

  • tick Molecule test support to be removed

  • tick Upgrade hashicorp vault version

  • muscle Support for additional vault, hashicorp alternatives

  • tick Add git actions to automate creation of helm repo chart artifacts

  • pin Devcontainer for vscode containers/codespaces

  • pin Git commit/yaml linting

  • tick Vault reviewer reference removal

  • tick Creation of vault auth role from the vault-k8s chart

  • tick Add default values to chart templates/values section


  • R3 Corda Enterprise and open source
    • hand HA Notary options

    • hand Enable PostGreSQL support for Corda Enterprise

    • hand Removal of node

    • hand Cacti connector for Corda opensource

    • pin Corda enterprise Node/Notary v4.9 support

  • R3 Corda OS v5
    • pin Base network deployment

  • Hyperledger Fabric
    • tick External chaincode for Fabric 2.2.x

    • tick Support for Fabric 2.5.x

    • pin Operational features for Fabric 2.5.x

    • hand CI/CD piplelines for chaincode deployment

    • pin chaincode operations via operator console

    • pin chaincode operations automation using bevel-operator-fabric

    • pin chaincode upgrade for external chaincode

  • Hyperledger Besu
    • hand Enable node discovery

    • hand Enable bootnodes

    • tick Add promethus/Grafana chart for node monitoring data

    • tick Test onchain permission for Besu platform

    • pin Node version upgrades

    • pin Tessera version upgrades

    • pin Support for Besu node on public network

  • Quorum
    • pin Test TLS for Quorum Tessera communication

  • Hyperledger Indy
    • hand Removal of organizations from a running Indy Network

  • Substrate
    • muscle Test with generic substrate node

    • muscle Adding of org/new node

Bevel Samples

  • pin Upgrade Ambassador proxy to Edge stack

  • pin Upgrade rest server/middleware applications

  • pin Upgrade aca py application

Bevel Kubernetes Operators

  • Bevel-Operator-Fabric
    • pin Host helm charts to github hosted helm repo

    • muscle Use bevel platforms fabric chart

  • Operator Quorum
    • muscle Architecture diagram

  • Operator Besu
    • hand Architecture diagram

  • Operator Corda
    • hand Architecture diagram


  • pin Jenkins automation script for each DLT platform

Historic DLT/Blockchain support releases

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