BAF current roadmap

gantt title BAF current roadmap dateFormat YY-MM-DD section Platform Platforms and components upgrade: active, 21-01-07, 180d Corda Ent. OFE*: active, 20-11-15, 180d Fabric OFE*: active, 20-10-15, 240d Besu OFE*: active, 21-01-07, 150d section Application Besu Ref App: b4, 20-10-15, 120d

OFE* : Operational feature enhancement

Legend of annotations:

Mark Description
pin work to do
tick work completed
run on-going work
muscle stretch goal
hand on hold


  • run Improve the existing readthedocs documentations
  • run Platforms and components upgrade:
    • tick Helm3 upgrade
    • tick EKS upgrade to 1.16
    • run Ambassador upgrade to 1.9.1
    • pin Improve logging/error messaging in playbooks
    • pin Complete molecule test scenarios for BAF R3 Corda OS and HL Fabric
    • hand Java version upgrades


  • run Corda Ent. operational feature enhancements
    • tick Enable mutiple notaries
    • pin Addition of notary node to an existing network
    • pin R3 Corda version 4.x upgrade
    • pin CENM version upgrade
    • hand Removable of node
  • run HL Fabric operational feature enhancements
    • tick HL Fabric 2.2 version upgrade
    • tick HL Fabric v1.4.8 upgrade
    • run Feature for user identities
    • pin External chaincode for Fabric 2.2.x
    • pin Multi Orderer organisation option for RAFT
    • pin CI/CD piplelines for chaincode deployment
  • run HL Besu operational feature enhancements
    • tick Enable DNS support
    • pin Enable deployment without proxy (proxy as none option)
    • hand Addition of new validator node
    • hand Enable bootnodes


  • hand Hyperledger Besu reference application

Histroic DLT/Blockchain support releases

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