BAF current roadmap

gantt title BAF current roadmap dateFormat YY-MM-DD section Platform Corda Ent. MVP Provisioning :active, a1, 20-05-15 , 130d Besu MVP Provisioning :active, a2, 20-05-20 , 125d Flux Helm3: done, 20-07-15, 15d Quorum Helm3: active, 20-10-01, 15d Besu Helm3: active, 20-10-01, 15d Fabric Helm3: active, 20-10-01, 15d Indy Helm3: done, 20-09-15, 15d Tech tool upgrades: 20-12-01, 45d Corda OS Helm3: done, 20-09-20, 15d Corda Ent. OFE*: 20-11-15, 60d Corda Ent. Helm3: done, 20-09-15, 15d EKS upgrade:done, a5, 20-08-10, 10d Fabric 2.2 upgrade: active, a6, 20-09-01, 50d Fabric OFE*: active, 20-10-01, 45d Besu OFE*: 20-11-15, 45d section Application Corda Ent. Ref App : active, b3, 20-09-15, 60d Besu Ref App: active, b4, 20-09-15, 60d section Architecture Besu Blueprint : done, 20-06-01, 50d Corda-Ent Blueprint : done, 20-06-01, 50d

OFE* : Operational feature enhancement

Legend of annotations:

Mark Description
pin work to do
tick work completed
run on-going work
muscle stretch goal
hand on hold
depricated depricated
in use in use / valid


  • tick Minikube support for existing platforms
  • run Improve the existing readthedocs documentations
  • run BAF DLT and software tools upgrade:
    • run Helm3 upgrade
    • tick HAProxy upgrade to latest stable
    • tick EKS upgrade to 1.16
    • pin Ambassador upgrade to latest stable
    • tick Flux upgrade for helm3 operator support
    • pin Java version upgrades


  • tick Besu MVP network provisioning
  • tick R3 Corda Enterprise MVP network provisioning
  • tick Key storage and management
  • run HL Fabric 2.2 version upgrade
  • run HL Fabric operational feature enhancements


  • pin Hyperledger Besu reference application
  • pin R3 Corda Enterprise reference application
  • tick Quorum supplychain application integration
  • tick Hyperledger Indy reference application


  • tick Besu architecture blueprint
  • tick R3 Corda Enterprise Version architecture blueprint

Histroic DLT/Blockchain support releases

Feature Name Release Status
R3 Corda Enterprise v4.4 0.6.0 in use
Hyperledger Fabric v2.0 0.5.0 in use
R3 Corda v4.4 0.5.0 in use
Hyperledger Indy v1.11.0 0.5.0 in use
Quorum v2.5.0 0.4.1 in use
Quorum v2.1.1 0.4.0 depricated
Quorum Architecture blueprint 0.4.0 in use
Hyperledger Indy v1.9.0 0.4.0 depricated
Hyperledger Fabric v1.4.4 0.3.1 in use
Hyperledger Indy Architecture blueprint 0.3.0 in use
R3 Corda v4.1 0.3.0 in use
Hyperledger Fabric v1.4.0 0.2.0 depricated
R3 Corda v4.0 0.2.0 depricated