DLT Blockchain Network deployment using docker build

Building the docker image

Build the docker image using the docker file Dockerfile provided in the blockchain-automation-framework repository.

The docker image should be built from the root directory of the repository, the image builds the required base enviorment for BAF deployment and copies the a provisional script run.sh in the WORKDIR, it also sets a path for mounting volume

Following is a code snippet of the docker image showing WORKDIR and VOLUME

WORKDIR /home/

The VOLUME instruction creates a mount point with the specified name and marks it as holding externally mounted volumes from native host

VOLUME /home/blockchain-automation-framework/

Use the below command to build the image

docker build . -t hyperledgerlabs/baf-build

This would create an image named hyperledgerlabs/baf-build

Running the docker and provisioning script

A shell script run.sh is provided in repository to set the environment variables and run the network deployment playbook.

The BAF Dockerfile provides defaults for the executing container using the CMD variable

CMD ["/home/run.sh"]

Use the below command to run the container and the provisioning scripts, the command needs to be run from the root directory of the repository. The command also binds and mounts a volume, in this case it binds the repository

docker run -it -v $(pwd):/home/blockchain-automation-framework/ hyperledgerlabs/baf-build

NOTE. baf-build image is using jdk14 but Corda and Corda Enterprise requires jdk8. In this case, you can build the baf-build image using Dockerfile.jdk8 or use the prebuild image tag jdk8 hyperledgerlabs/baf-build:jdk8

Before running the above command add a build folder in the root directory of the repository, this build folder should have the following files:

  1. K8s config file as config
  2. Network specific configuration file as network.yaml
  3. Private key file which has write-access to the git repo

Screen shot of the folder structure is below:


The paths in network configuration file should be changed accordingly.