Getting Started

Before we begin, if you haven’t already done so, you may wish to check that you have all the prerequisites installed on the platform(s) on which you’ll be deploying blockchain networks from and/or operating the Blockchain Automation Framework.

Once you have the prerequisites installed, you are ready to fork this repository and start using the Blockchain Automation Framework.

Configure Prerequisites

After installation of the prerequisites, some of them will need to be configured as per the Blockchain Automation Framework. Follow these instructions to configure the pre-requistes and setting up of your environment.

Update Configuration File

Once all the prerequisites have been configured, it is time to update the Blockchain Automation Framework configuration file. Depending on your platform of choice, there can be some differences in the configuration file. Please follow platform specific links below to learn more on updating the configuration file.

Deploy the Network

After the configuration file is updated and saved on the Ansible Controller, run the provisioning script to deploy the network using the following command.

# go to blockchain-automation-framework
cd blockchain-automation-framework
# Run the provisioning scripts
ansible-playbook  platforms/shared/configuration/site.yaml -e "@/path/to/network.yaml" 

For more detailed instructions to set up a network, read Setting up a DLT/Blockchain network.